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Facility Licensing and Compliance is responsible for issuing medical marijuana facility licenses and certifications, seed to sale tracking, education, inspections, compliance monitoring, and violation issuance and resolution.

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The following charts are located on the Data and Reports page:

  • Minimum Standards Reviews: Completed vs. Remaining
  • Commencement Inspections: Requested, In Progress, and Approved to Operate
  • Facility Progress
  • Minimum Standards Reviews: Completed vs Remaining by Facility Type
  • Approved to Operate by Facility Type

Visit the Facility Resource page to access:

  • New Guidance letters
    • Guidance Letter 10: Further Guidance on commencement and Operational Variances
    • Guidance Letter 9: Phased Implementation for Change Request and Variances
    • Guidance Letter 8: Product Manufacturing and Pre Rolls (9/29/20)
    • Guidance Letter 7: Operational Deadline (9/22/20)
    • Guidance Letter 6: Edible Design and Packaging (8/28/20)
    • Guidance Letter 5: Material Deviation (6/17/20)
    • Deviation Letter 4: Convertible Debt and Economic Interest (5/15/20)
    • Guidance Document 3: Business entity structure changes; Reciprocity; Elective lab testing; and Drive-thru Window (4/15/20)
    • Submitting a Business Change Request Licensee Guide to the System and Payment Process (4/27/20)
  • Commencement Inspection documents
  • Compliance Guides
  • Statewide Track and Trace System information
  • Application Score and Rank listing
  • Licensed Facility Listings