Facility Licensing and Compliance is responsible for issuing medical marijuana facility licenses and certifications, seed to sale tracking, education, inspections, compliance monitoring, and violation issuance and resolution.

Article XIV and associated rules authorizes the following medical marijuana licenses and certifications in Missouri: 60 cultivation licenses, 192 dispensary licenses, 86 infused-manufacturing licenses, 10 laboratory testing licenses, transporter certifications, facility agent certifications, and seed to sale certifications. The Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program received over 2100 facility applications during the application period and has 150 days from receiving applications to approve or deny them. While the application period for cultivation, dispensary, infused-manufacturing, and laboratory testing facilities is closed to new applicants; the Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program continues to accept new applications for transporter and seed to sale certifications. Additional information regarding facility applications can be found in the right navigation bar under Facility Information.

Per state statute, “No person shall carry on, conduct or transact a business under a name which contains as part of the name the words "pharmacist", "pharmacy", "apothecary", "apothecary shop", "chemist shop", "drug store", "druggist", "drugs", "consultant pharmacist", or any word of similar or like import, unless the place of business is supervised by a licensed pharmacist." Additional information can be found at Chapter 338.260.

The information provided here is reported exactly as represented in submitted applications and may be subject to correction as the department moves through the application process.

Facility Applicant Identifying Information (9.30.2019)