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cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing and testing facilities flowchart

The department will not accept any application documentation outside of the online registry system. The application period has closed for cultivation, testing, manufacturing and dispensary license. Only applications for Seed to Sale and Transportation certifications are available for submittal.

Do not contact the department regarding the status of your application. Applicants may login in to the registry portal to check the status of their application at any time.

All complete applications received by the department submitted during the application time period will be approved or denied within one hundred fifty (150) days of that application’s complete submission. The registered user will receive notification by email of a change in application status.

All facility types, with the exception of seed to sale and transportation certifications, will have to complete worksheets 1-17 below.

We recommend you use the latest version of Internet Explorer when completing, saving, and printing the Worksheets, as user experience may be limited if utilizing devices such as MacBook, IPhone, IPad and Android.

All Facility Types – (worksheets 1-17)

Additional worksheets required for testing, cultivation, dispensary, and manufacturing facilities. See Below.

All Letters of Recommendation must be uploaded in the online MO Medical Marijuana Registry by the applicant. The department will not upload any letters of recommendation received via mail, email or fax.  Letters must be uploaded through the Registry system.

If submitting an application for testing, worksheets 18-38 must also be completed and imported into the online registry.

Testing Facility – (worksheets 18-38)

Additional Required Worksheets

  • If applying for cultivation facility, one must also complete worksheet 39.
  • If applying for dispensary facility, one must also complete worksheet 40.
  • If applying for manufacturing facility, one must also complete worksheet 41.

Ownership Structure

Seed to Sale Application Process

Transportation Application

  • Only required to fill out information on the online registry.
  • The on-line Medical Marijuana Registry indicates that you must attach Worksheets 1-17 in order to complete the Transportation application process. Transportation applicants do not need to fill out any of the worksheets, however you will need to upload a document in the Documents Tab for Worksheets 1-17 for the on-line system to process your application. Any document including a blank document can be uploaded. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to update the on-line registry. If you have questions please e-mail us at

Evaluation Scoring Criteria Questions - Scoring Guide for Blind Scoring Vendor

Facility License Application Questions and Scoring Criteria - (05/31/19)
Facility License Application Questions and Scoring Criteria is the guidance document containing the Evaluation Criteria Questions and Points table, the Evaluation Criteria Scoring table, and the Evaluation Criteria Topics and Values table, which are referenced in 19 CSR 30-95.025.