Request for Prescribing and Dispensing Information

The Department of Health and Senior Services requests the voluntary provision of certain information from dispensers of controlled substances, pharmacy benefit management organizations, and other health care entities. The information will be used to identify activity indicating that controlled substances, including opioids, are being inappropriately prescribed, dispensed, or obtained, and to take appropriate action. Specifically, the department requests the information below regarding dispensation of Schedule II-IV controlled substances. The department requests the information in electronic format for the time period January 1, 2017, through October 31, 2017, and monthly thereafter. Before the information is provided to the department, it must be de-identified with respect to individual patients.

  1. Prescriber name and NPI
  2. Pharmacy name and NPI
  3. Drug name (generic name and NDC)
  4. Drug Strength
  5. Drug Quantity
  6. Days Supply
  7. Date of dispensation
  8. Pharmacy City, State, Zip
  9. Prescriber City, State, Zip
  10. Entity Type (person or business)
  11. Refill Number

If you have the requested information and would like to provide it to the department, call the department’s Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs at (573) 751-6321 to arrange for transfer of the information.


Important Information

The BNDD Online Application does not process immediately. The application has to be received, reviewed and processed by BNDD staff before it can be issued and the certificate printed.

The bureau is currently experiencing a high volume of phone calls, emails and applications. The processing times for the BNDD applications are longer than normal. Thank you for your patience.

The current processing time for registrations is 12 business days.


NOTICE - Registration processing times & certificates

Applying online allows for a faster processing and issuance. Applicants may check the bureau’s website periodically and click on the real-time link below to verify if a registration has been issued. The BNDD no longer mails certificates and they may be printed from this link below.

print a certificate or verify registration

apply for registration or make changes to a registration

Only the actual registrant may apply for and make changes to a registration.
Applications and changes may not be delegated to any other person.

BNDD logoActivities and programs of the Department of Health and Senior Services ensure the safe and legal handling and distribution of narcotics and dangerous drugs used in the manufacture of controlled substances in Missouri. The department also works with law enforcement and other agencies to minimize the abuse of controlled substances in the state.

Services include:

  • Maintaining a registry, as required by state law, of the individuals and firms who prescribe, dispense or otherwise conduct activities which involve controlled substances.
  • Encouraging proper management of controlled substances through routine inspections and audits of the records which must be kept by firms and individuals who lawfully manufacture, distribute, or dispense controlled substances.
  • Investigating suspected irregularities or mismanagement involving controlled substances. Such investigations originate with complaints from the general public, other government agencies or may develop from routine inspections and audits conducted by Department representatives.
  • Acting to correct or prevent unlawful practices, when detected, through education, or, if necessary, administrative action against the registration of the firms or individuals involved.
  • Updating the Missouri Controlled Substances list each year and filing changes in the list with the Missouri Secretary of State for publication in the Missouri Register and the Code of State Regulations.