Home Care and Rehabilitative Standards safeguards services provided through certified and/or licensed home health agencies, hospice programs, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities (CORF) and providers of outpatient physical therapy or outpatient speech pathology (OPT/OSP) by:

  • Conducting on-site inspections of these agencies for Medicare certification and/or state licensure compliance. This process includes issuing state licenses for the operation of home health and hospice agencies.
  • Investigating allegations of inappropriate patient care.
  • Maintaining a complaint hotline for the purpose of receiving questions about home health agencies and/or hospices or for patients to lodge complaints concerning their agency or quality of care provided.

Health care provided by these agencies meet acceptable standards as outlined in state and federal guidelines by:

  • Verification of training and credentials of agency staff;
  • Reviewing compliance with agency policies and procedures;
  • Reviewing medical records of patients for care provided and assessing outcomes;
  • Visiting patients in their place of residence;
  • Reviewing quality assurance programs;
  • Checking for building safety.

Annual Reports