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The application period for the first round of microbusinesses closed August 10, 2023. The Department received 1,625 applications; 577 wholesale applications and 1,048 dispensary applications. The lottery drawing for the first round of microbusinesses was conducted Monday, August 28, 2023. Results of the random drawing have been posted below. Selection of an application by the lottery does not guarantee a license will be issued.


Notice: The Department will begin rejecting microbusiness applications for correction and will reach out to the designated contact listed in the application with correction guidance. Microbusiness applicants will receive three (3) business days to make necessary corrections to their rejected applications.  Helpful tools and resources regarding rejected applications can be found on the tutorial page, here.

  • NEWS RELEASE: First round of cannabis microbusiness applicants selected by random lottery
  • NEW 2023 Microbusiness Lottery Drawing FAQ (9/6/2023)
  • NEW Microbusiness Application Rejection Tutorial (08/28/23)
  • NEW Consumer, Qualified Patient, and Caregiver Authorized Cultivation Cardholders Prohibited from Selling Marijuana Products
  • NEW Variance – Microbusiness Fingerprint Submission Timeframe (07/27/23)
  • Call Center Hours of Operations: Beginning May 15, the Division call center will be available Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Licensed patients, caregivers, and consumer cultivators are required to present both sides of their identification cards, downloaded from the license dashboard in the online registry, when making purchases at dispensaries. Department rules now require licensed dispensaries to scan the barcode located on the back of the Department-issued identification cards at time of sale to record patient, primary caregiver, and consumer cultivator purchases; therefore, individuals presenting only the front side of an identification card may not be allowed to make purchases. In addition, identification cards saved to a mobile device should be a PDF file and downloaded directly from the license dashboard. Nested images, those that have been saved from other saved files rather than directly downloaded, and .jpeg versions of the original file not be readable by card scanning devices. Current licensees can download their license at any time from the license dashboard within their account. For further instructions for downloading an approved license, tutorial steps are available here.
  • The Licensee Common Relationships webpage is now available.
  • The first day of consumer cannabis sales was February 3, 2023. Total sales for this opening weekend (February 3 - February 5, 2023) were consumer sales, $8,500,900.61, and medical marijuana sales, $4,189,064.46, for a combined total of $12,689,965.07. Important note: These numbers are not final. The final numbers may shift due to system reconciliations, such as data processing time, reporting corrections, returns and refunds. Moving forward, consumer sales data will be made available on a monthly basis, just as medical marijuana sales data has been reported. This data will be available here.
  • The Department has approved requests to convert medical facility licenses to comprehensive facility licenses. Information regarding which licensees are now comprehensive licensees and whether they are approved to operate can be found here.
  • Pursuant to 19 CSR 30-95.110(3), the department is not currently accepting physician certifications from Dr. Zinia Thomas.