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  • Notice: Patient/Caregiver & Consumer Authorized Cultivators
    • With the exception of marijuana facilities licensed by the department, it is still unlawful to sell or otherwise profit from the distribution of marijuana plants and products in Missouri.  The department reminds patient, caregiver, and consumer cultivation card holders that cultivated marijuana plants and any resulting supply of marijuana is for the exclusive use of the licensed patient, or the non-commercial use of the consumer pursuant to provisions in 19 CSR 100-1.040.  Cultivation card holders are not authorized to sell or otherwise profit from the marijuana plants they have cultivated or any products resulting from the cultivated plants.  Authorized cultivators found to be in violation may be subject to department administrative penalties including, licensure revocation pursuant to 19 CSR 100-1.040(6)(C), and may be subject to criminal penalties. More information for patient, caregiver and consumer personal cultivation can be found here.
    • A qualifying patient may not be authorized for both qualifying patient cultivation and consumer personal cultivation at the same time, pursuant to 19 CSR 100-1.040(5)(C). Individuals that hold existing authorization to cultivate may allow the current license to expire, or forfeit the current license in order to apply for the other type of cultivation authorization. Additional cultivation information is available here. For specific questions or scenarios, please contact the Individual Licensing Unit team at CannabisInfo@health.mo.gov.
  • The first day of consumer cannabis sales was February 3, 2023. Total sales for this opening weekend (February 3 - February 5, 2023) were consumer sales, $8,500,900.61, and medical marijuana sales, $4,189,064.46, for a combined total of $12,689,965.07. Important note: These numbers are not final. The final numbers may shift due to system reconciliations, such as data processing time, reporting corrections, returns and refunds. Moving forward, consumer sales data will be made available on a monthly basis, just as medical marijuana sales data has been reported. This data will be available here.
  • The Department has approved requests to convert medical facility licenses to comprehensive facility licenses. Information regarding which licensees are now comprehensive licensees and whether they are approved to operate can be found here.
  • NEW Beginning February, 3, the department is accepting applications for personal consumer cultivation from individuals at least 21 years old for authorization to cultivate marijuana plants for their personal use. Click here for information to apply and for additional information about consumer personal cultivation.
  • NEW Emergency and Proposed rules were filed on January 20, 2023.
  • NEW Adult Use Implementation Timeline available.
  • NEW Beginning December 8, 2022, applicants or licensees may advise the Department, of any records previously submitted that contain proprietary business confidential information.
  • Instructions on how to apply for a conversion request are now available.
  • Beginning December 8, 2022, existing licensed medical facilities may begin submitting requests to convert to a comprehensive facility license.
  • With the passage of Amendment 3, the Department will quickly make adjustments to the existing medical marijuana program while implementing a new adult consumer program. The Department has planned for these changes. As was the case in implementing the medical marijuana program, the Department will accept and carefully consider public input on how the new law should be implemented in Missouri. For more information on the new adult consumer program, visit the Adult Use FAQs page.
  • Pursuant to 19 CSR 30-95.110(3), the department is not currently accepting physician certifications from Dr. Zinia Thomas.
  • The Facility Licensee Renewal webpage is now available.