REMINDER: After uploading files or editing data, be sure you click the “SAVE” button to commit your changes before submitting or resubmitting your application to the department.

With the exception of Seed-to-Sale applications, the department will not accept any application documentation outside of the online registry portal. At this time, the application period is closed for cultivation, testing, manufacturing and dispensary license. Only applications for Seed-to-Sale, Transportation and Warehouse certifications are available for submittal.

Do not contact the department regarding the status of your application. Applicants may login in to the registry portal to check the status of their application at any time.

All complete applications received by the department submitted during the application time period will be approved or denied within one hundred fifty (150) days of that application’s complete submission. The registered user will receive notification by email of a change in application status.


Per 19 CSR 100-1.140, cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary, microbusiness and testing licensees may store marijuana product offsite in warehouses. Per 19 CSR 100-1.140(6)(D)3, transportation licensees will not be granted warehouse certification. Licensed medical and marijuana cultivation, dispensary and manufacturing facilities are allowed to apply for a warehouse certification for the purpose of an off-site location to store marijuana product. Transportation licensees will not be granted a warehouse certificate. See 19 CSR 100-1.140(6) for specific warehouse certificate rules found here:

Application Requirements

As outlined in 19 CSR 100-1.060(5), applicants are required to provide the following within a warehouse application:

  • License number of the associated facility license or certification.
  • Address of the warehouse storage facility.
  • Name of an individual serving as the warehouse contact.
  • Proposed blueprints for the facility that outline the entire facility and feature all rooms and areas clearly labeled, including purpose and square footage, camera locations, limited access areas, and access permissions.
  • Documentation from the local government with jurisdiction over the facility’s location, confirming that the proposed warehouse location complies with local distance requirements, or stating that there are none.
  • If the local government in which the warehouse will be located has enacted applicable zoning restrictions, documentation from the local government with jurisdiction over the warehouse location confirming that the proposed location complies with applicable zoning restrictions.
  • An attestation that the warehouse will comply with all other rules applicable to the licensee for which the warehouse is being established.
  • An attestation that the proposed location for the warehouse complies with the facility location requirements of this chapter and any facility location requirements of the local government.
  • An attestation that the information provided in the application is true and correct.
  • A non-refundable administrative and processing fee of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500).

Approved warehouse certificates shall have the same expiration and renewal date as the facility license or certification for which the warehouse is being established. Warehouse certifications are subject to annual fee requirements of 19 CSR 100-1.100(1).
Warehouse applicants failing to provide the required documents and information in 19 CSR 100-1.060(5) are subject to denial pursuant to 19 CSR 100-1.060(6)(B).

General Warehouse Application Instructions

To submit a Warehouse certificate application:

  • Log into!/signin
  • Click “+CREATE NEW APPLICATION” from the left sidebar of the page.
  • Select “New Warehouse” from the pop-out menu, then click “CREATE APPLICATION”.
  • On the first page of the application, an associated facility license number must be selected in order to proceed.
    • Click “Associated Business License Number” to view a drop-down of available licenses.
    • Select the license that will be associated with the warehouse application.
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.
  • The page will reload with a “Save & Next” button at the bottom of the page, use that to proceed through the application once each page is complete.
  • Once on the “Review” tab, ensure that all information is correct prior to submission.
  • Select “Pay and Submit” to make the application payment.
  • Once submitted the applicant will receive a confirmation of submission.

For questions regarding warehouse applications, email the facility application services unit at:
For questions regarding warehouse license business changes, email the licensee’s assigned Business Services Specialist and copy

For question regarding warehouse facility compliance and commencement inspections, email the licensee’s assigned Compliance Officer and copy

  • Only required to fill out information on the online registry.
  • The on-line Medical Marijuana Registry indicates that you must attach Worksheets 1-17 in order to complete the Transportation application process. Transportation applicants do not need to fill out any of the worksheets, however you will need to upload a document in the Documents Tab for Worksheets 1-17 for the on-line system to process your application. Any document including a blank document can be uploaded. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to update the on-line registry. If you have questions, e-mail us at

Seed to Sale Certification is for Third Party software vendors or those desiring to partner with a Medical Marijuana Licensee to offer a point of sale or reporting service on their behalf. The department accepts applications for Seed to Sale Certifications on a continuous basis. See 19 CSR 30-95.090 and instructions on the Seed to Sale Certification Application for further details and the Application Programming Interface (API) requirements.

Before beginning operations, all certified Seed to Sale tracking system entities shall sign the department’s Medical Marijuana Application Programming Interface User Agreement. A copy is provided below for review, however, a copy will be provided for signature to certified entities upon certification.

Applicants will use the fillable Seed to Sale Certification Application to complete the application.

Follow the instructions on the fillable Seed to Sale application form and save to your computer.

The application will instruct you to make an on-line payment.

On-line payment

Submit the Seed to Sale Certification Application along with the required State of Missouri Certificate of Good Standing from the Missouri Secretary of State to: To register for a State of Missouri Certificate of Good Standing click here. Please note, the State of Missouri Certificate of Good Standing is required for every Seed to Sale application, regardless of the state from which the applicant originates.

Include Seed to Sale Certification Application in the subject line.

Complete Seed to Sale Certification Applications will be approved or denied within one hundred fifty (150) days from the date a complete application has been submitted.

If the Seed to Sale Certification Application is approved, you will be notified via the e-mail and an electronic Seed to Sale Certificate will be provided.

If you have any questions, contact the program via e-mail at, or call our toll free number listed in the contact information box.