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The facility business license shall be valid for three years from its date of issuance and shall be renewable, except for good cause.

Deadline to Renew

Cultivation, Infused Product Manufacturing, and Dispensary licenses and Testing and Transportation certifications are valid for three (3) years from the date the license or certification is issued. Licensed and certified facilities will collectively be referred to as licensees. Per state regulation, the facility must submit a renewal application within the online registry system in order to be renewed. Renewal applications will be accepted as early as 250 days prior to the licensee’s expiration date, but no later than 150 days prior to the licensee’s expiration date. To assist licensees in updating information that has changed since the previous application, the Department requires all licensees to complete and upload a License Renewal Questionnaire as part of the renewal application. 

Expiration Date
Earliest Date
to Renew
250 Days
Last Date
to Renew
150 Days
Laboratory Testing 12/19/2022 4/13/2022 7/22/2022
Transportation 12/23/2022 4/17/2022 7/26/2022
Cultivation Facility 12/26/2022 4/20/2022 7/29/2022
Dispensary Facility 1/23/2023 5/18/2022 8/26/2022
Manufacturing Facility 1/10/2023 5/5/2022 8/13/2022

General Instructions and Considerations

All licensees applying for renewal will be required to provide the following:

To renew, the Facility Licensee should submit the following within the online registry portal:

  • Name & Address of Primary Contact – if changing
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Updated Ownership Structure Form and written or visual description of ownership structure
  • Updated statement regarding substantial common control
  • Affidavit stating the facility’s location remains in compliance with 19 CSR 30-95.040(4)(B)
  • Current schematics of the facility’s layout identifying all entities and use of spaces
  • Attestations as required in the Complia system
  • A statement confirming that all who hold any portion of the economic or voting interest of the facility who will also have access to medical marijuana or the medical marijuana facility, and all officers, directors, board members, managers, and employees identified in the application, have submitted fingerprints within the previous six (6) months for a state and federal fingerprint based criminal background check to be conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol
    • Owners who have an active Agent ID at time of application for facility licensure or certification renewal will not be required to submit fingerprints.  Such individuals have fulfilled the intent of 19 CSR 30-95.040(2)J. Therefore, 19 CSR 30-95.040(2)J that requires an attestation affirming submittal of fingerprints for a background check within the last six months is hereby waived insomuch as that rule would require this class of individuals to resubmit fingerprints. Applicants are instructed to check “Yes” to the related attestation in the renewal application if all owners have either submitted fingerprints in the last six months OR have an active Agent ID card.
  • Administrative Process Fee for Renewal (Fee Schedule) required at time of submission
  • License Renewal Questionnaire

Download instructions on how to submit an application for renewal within the online registry. (4/4/22)

Please refer to our FAQs page, download our printable Guidance Document (4/4/22) or email with questions or assistance.