Variance from Operational Deadline
To request a variance from a licensed facility’s one year operational deadline, the licensee must follow these steps:

  • Complete the Compliance Variance Form located on this webpage below.
  • Respond to the questions on the Questionnaire for Operational Variance in full.
  • Each facility requesting a variance from the one year operational deadline will be required to submit a completed Questionnaire along with the Variance Request form and any supporting documentation via the e-mail.

Medical Marijuana Facility License & Compliance Variance Request Form

Per 19 CSR 30-95.025(2), requests for variance from the requirements of any provision of rule shall be made in writing and will be granted or denied by the director of the department's medical marijuana program. All variance or waiver requests for medical marijuana facility rules must be submitted using the Medical Marijuana Facility License & Compliance Variance Request Form.

The form must be completed in its entirety.  Multiple variance requests should be submitted separately. Each variance request must include the primary contact for the facility requesting the variance.

Any variance request received will be reviewed based on the information provided and your proposed good cause.  We cannot guarantee a variance will be granted. The applicant should continue to meet department established deadlines while a variance request is pending. The department does not have a specific timeframe established for approving or denying a variance request.

Approval or denial of variance requests shall be issued by the department in writing and shall include the specific reasons if a request is denied.

E-mail your completed variance request form to: