• Information and tutorials for physicians/nurse practitioners are found on this page.
    Patient information and tutorials can be found here.
  • As of December 8, 2022, qualifying patients may be certified by a physician (MD, DO) or nurse practitioner (NP) that is licensed and in good standing with the state of Missouri.
  • Patients requiring more than the standard six (6) ounces per month will only need one (1) physician certification form, completed and submitted electronically by an MD, DO or NP, certifying them for an increased amount above the standard six (6) ounces.
  • NOTICE FOR NURSE PRACTITIONERS: NPs wishing to certify patients for Missouri medical marijuana can begin submitting registration applications as soon as December 8th.
  • Certifying nurse practitioners that are new to the program must first register for an account within the department’s secure registration system and submit a “Physician Registration” application type in order to be verified with the department. Once this process is complete, the registration system will allow that account to submit electronic physician certification forms. Nurse Practitioners that submit registrations prior to December 8th will be denied and asked to reapply on or after the effective date of the law.
Physician Account Registration
Qualifying Medical Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions

Notice: Certifying physicians and nurse practitioners with verified accounts may submit electronic physician certification forms directly to the Department through the secure electronic registration system. The tutorials below provide step by step guidance for physicians/nurse practitioners to register and become verified with the Department in order to submit electronic forms:

Create & Submit a Physician Registration Application
Registering & Logging In to a Physician Account
How to Submit an Electronic Physician Certification Form

Your Role as a Certifying Physician/Nurse Practitioner

Be a Missouri licensed physician (MD, DO)/Nurse Practitioner (NP) in good standing pursuant to Missouri law, follow DHSS Guidance for Certification Appointments, and submit electronic physician certification forms using your account in the registry portal.


  • NOTE: Physicians/nurse practitioners should be aware that your submitted information in the registry portal may be subject to Missouri’s Sunshine Law.
  • Only the department has authority to issue licenses to qualifying patients and/or their primary caregivers for the purpose of possessing and purchasing marijuana.