Digital certification steps
  1. Register for a “Patient/Caregiver/Physician” account type and log into the account.
  2. Submit a “Physician/Nurse Practitioner Registration” application type.
    • This requires a document upload of your medical license or verification of advanced practice licensure for nurse practitioners.
  3. Become verified with the department as a Missouri licensed physician (MD, DO)/nurse practitioner (NP) who is active and in good standing pursuant to Missouri law.
    • As part of the verification process, the department will notify you via email requesting verbal verification of your intent to participate as a certifying physician/Nurse Practitioner.
  4. Certifying Qualified Patients
    • Submit Electronic Physician Certification Forms for certified patients through the approved registry account using the “Electronic Certification” application type.
    • Before you certify, review the DHSS Guidance for Certification Appointments.
    • Once an electronic physician certification form is submitted on behalf of the qualifying patient, the patient must then use their own registry account to submit a new or renewal patient application.

      Physician Certification Forms must be submitted with the patient application within 30 days of the certifying physician/nurse practitioner’s signature date on the submitted electronic form.

Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Physician/Nurse Practitioner Account and Application.

Physician/Nurse Practitioner Responsibility

Certifying Physician or Nurse Practitioner Qualifications: All physicians or nurse practitioners who intend to certify patients for medical use of marijuana must be licensed to practice in their respective fields and must be in good standing.

A certifying physician must have a current license to practice medicine or osteopathy. Practice of medicine or osteopathy means practice by persons who hold a physician and surgeon license pursuant to Chapter 334, RSMo, including those who are admitted to practice in Missouri by reciprocity pursuant to §334.043, RSMo.

A nurse practitioner must have a current Missouri or compact RN license, maintain national certification in a population focus, and be recognized by the Missouri State Board of Nursing as an advanced practice registered nurse.

Physicians/Nurse Practitioners are responsible for creating their own accounts for the purpose of submitting electronic physician/nurse practitioner forms on behalf of qualifying patients in a manner that is compliant with provisions in 19 CSR 100-1.050. Physicians/Nurse Practitioners found in violation of these requirements may be subject to sanctions or penalties under applicable laws and regulations.

Unauthorized Requests for Physician/Nurse Practitioner Accounts

Any parties found to establish an unauthorized physician/nurse practitioner account will be subject to sanctions or penalties under applicable laws and regulations.