Q & A Session hosted by: Department of Health & Senior Services - January 28, 2021

Please join us via WebEx on January 28, 2021 @ 3 PM

To avoid busy signals, please use the "Call Me" option when joining the meeting from your computer or the WebEx app on your smartphone.

Large groups and low bandwidth locations should utilize conference rooms equipped with PC/laptop, speakers, and a projector.

Click the link provided below to access The Meeting Center ‘Quick Start’ page requiring your name and email address. Staff connecting individually from their desktop should select the “Connect to Audio Icon” and choose the “Call Using Computer” option utilizing internal or external speaker(s) Choose the “Call Me” option if your device does not have internal or external speakers and enter your desk phone or mobile device number. The WebEx software will dial your number automatically to avoid long distance charges. When opening the WebEx invitation from the calendar on a State issued iPhone, you will see a red phone icon to the right of the WebEx Meet line. Clicking on this icon will open the WebEx application on your phone so you can connect to the meeting.

WebEx now has a mandatory password requirement for all conferences and the password is included in the invitation. Using the methods described above will not require you to enter the password.

Meeting number (access code): 123 456 7890
Meeting password: vVmiAPmx333

The “I will call in” option should only be used if the above options are unavailable due to long distance charges being incurred.

You may encounter a busy signal if you dial in instead of using the "Call Me' option.

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...PLEASE READ...Please continue the current process for ordering CNA exams until further notice.

The Health Education Unit is excited to announce new changes are coming for CNA testing soon!

Until you hear or see that this new transition has gone into effective, please continue to follow the process as normal.

*Please visit our website often, as updates will be posted here!

If you have any questions regarding our new transition, please call/email our office (573) 526-5686 or cnaregistry@health.mo.gov

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CNA, CMT, L1MA & Insulin COVID-19 Waivers - Expire 03/31/2021