Reciprocity Application To apply click here.

If you are coming to MO, reciprocity allows you to become a CNA without taking the Missouri CNA exam.

CNA that has been certified in another state, is in good standing and would like to become a CNA in Missouri. Reciprocity allows you to do so, without taking the Missouri CNA exam.

All you have to do is submit your request to our office. Follow the steps below.

How to apply for Reciprocity in Missouri

Complete the Missouri Reciprocity form

  • You will need to upload your documents that verifies your CNA certification in another state.
  • Also, upload any other supporting documents that the application requests, that pertains to you.

Once you hit the “SUBMIT” button, your documents will be reviewed in the order they were received by the Health Education Unit. Do not submit reciprocity documents by email, unless prior arrangements have been made with one of our representatives. To ensure your documents are received by that person, address it to their attention. Any document that is not directed to one of the representatives will not be processed.

Once you have been approved, you may log into TMU and print off your Missouri CNA certificate.

Do not submit your request twice. Submitting your documents twice only slows down the process.