The Employee Disqualification List (EDL) maintained by the Department of Health and Senior Services is a listing of individuals who have been determined to have:

  1. abused or neglected a resident, patient, client, or consumer;
  2. misappropriated funds or property belonging to a resident, patient, client, or consumer; or
  3. falsified documentation verifying delivery of services to an in-home services client or consumer.

These acts must have occurred while the individual was employed or by reason of their employment by a long-term care facility, an in-home services provider agency, by a hospital, home health agency, hospice, or ambulatory surgical center, or by a consumer or vendor.

Individuals are notified that an investigation has indicated that they have committed acts of abuse, neglect, misappropriation or falsification and they are given an opportunity to appeal before being placed on the EDL.

Long-term care facilities, in-home services provider agencies, hospitals, home-health agencies, hospices and ambulatory surgical centers are prohibited from employing a person, in any capacity, whose name appears on the EDL. These providers are required to check the EDL before hiring an individual and they may not continue to employ a person whose name appears on the EDL.

Section 208.909 RSMo, prohibits the authorization or expenditure of any state or federal financial assistance to pay for personal care assistance services provided by a personal care attendant who is listed on any of the background check lists in the Family Care Safety Registry under Sections 210.900 to 210.933, RSMo, unless a Good Cause Waiver is obtained pursuant to Section 660.317, RSMo. Please note, however, that good cause waivers cannot be obtained for individuals whose names are included on the EDL.

Section 630.170, RSMo, also disqualifies any person whose name appears on the EDL from holding any position in any public or private facility or day program operated, funded or licensed by the Department of Mental Health or in any mental health facility or mental health program in which people are admitted on a voluntary or involuntary basis or are civilly detained pursuant to Chapter 632, RSMo.

EDL is available through the EDL website


All entities listed in sections 208.909, 192.2490 and 192.2495 RSMo required to check the EDL are allowed to access the annual EDL report and quarterly updates available on the web site.

  1. An entity licensed as an operator under Chapter 198, RSMo (skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, residential care facilities I and II);
  2. An entity which provides in-home services under contract with DHSS;
  3. An entity which employs nurses and nursing assistants for temporary or intermittent placement in health care facilities (temporary staffing agencies);
  4. An entity approved by DHSS to issue certificates for nursing assistants' training; or
  5. An entity licensed under Chapter 197, RSMo (hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, hospices, home health care agencies);
  6. A public or private facility, day program, residential facility or specialized service operated, funded or licensed by the Department of Mental Health;
  7. A licensed adult day care provider;
  8. A vendor as defined in Section 208.900, RSMo.

The information on EDL is confidential and available only to the entities specified by law for employment purposes. The information may not be further released by the entity obtaining the information.

The EDL system will allow verification of the EDL status of applicants for employment and provide a confirmation number as confirmation that the required EDL check was performed. The EDL website is available for site visits seven days a week, 22 hours per day. System maintenance occurs between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., each day.