Section 197.500 - Employee disqualification list to be maintained.

Section 198.070 - Abuse or neglect of residents--reports, when, by whom--contents of report--failure to report, penalty--investigation, referral of complaint, removal of resident--confidentiality of report--immunity, exception--prohibition against retaliation--penalty--employee list--self-reporting of incidents, investigations, when.

Section 198.090 - Personal possessions may be held in trust, requirements, disposal of --written statements required when, penalty--prohibitions, penalties --misappropriation, report, investigation--employee disqualification list.

Section 208.900 - Definitions.

Section 208.909 - Responsibilities of recipients and vendors.

Section 208.912 - Abuse and neglect reporting--investigation procedures--content of reports--employee disqualification list maintained.

Section 208.915 - Misappropriation of consumer's property or funds, report to the department--content of report--investigation procedures--employee disqualification list maintained.

Section 630.170 - Disqualification for employment because of conviction--appeal process--criminal record review, procedure--registry maintained, when.

Section 192.2475 - Report of abuse or neglect of in-home services or home health agency client, duty--penalty--contents of report--investigation, procedure--confidentiality of report--immunity--retaliation prohibited, penalty--employee disqualification list--safe at home evaluations, procedure.

Section 192.2480 - In-home services client, misappropriation of property, report--investigation--penalty--confidentiality of report--immunity--retaliation prohibited--employee disqualification list.

Section 192.2490 - Employee disqualification list, notification of placement, contents--challenge of allegation, procedure--hearing, procedure--appeal--removal of name from list--list provided to whom--prohibition of employment.

Section 192.2495 - Criminal background checks of employees, required when--persons with criminal history not to be hired, when, penalty--failure to disclose, penalty--improper hirings, penalty--definitions--rules to waive hiring restrictions.