Individuals can utilize the Patient Registry website to manage the application process for patient, caregiver, and business license applications. The Patient Registry website allows users to update their previously submitted and approved applications as well as renew expiring licenses.

  • Create an Account
  • Reset Your Patient Registry Password
  • Create an Adult Patient Application
  • Enter Contact Information in Your Application
  • Provide Home Cultivation Details
  • Process Payment for a Patient Application
  • Access Your Patient Identification Card
  • Update a Caregiver Application
  • Register as a Patient
  • Add an Individual to Your Account
  • Create a Minor Patient Application
  • Enter Physician & Condition Information
  • Upload Documents to Your Application
  • Locate & Correct a Rejected Application
  • Update a Patient Application

NOTE: It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when completing your patient application because other browsers may not work properly with the Patient Registry website.

Need assistance with navigating the Patient Registry website? The following videos will show you how to:

Creating an Account & Registering as a Patient
Verifying Account Information
Resetting Complia Password for Patient
Adding an Individual & Switching Users on Your Account
Creating an Adult Patient Application
Creating a Minor Patient Application
Entering Contact Informaiton
Entering Physcian & Condition Information
Providing Cultivation Details
Uploading Documents
Processing Payment for a Patient Application
Locating & Correcting a Rejected Application
Accessing the Patient Identification Card
Update a Patient Application
Update a Caregiver Application