Facility Complaints

Per 19 CSR 30-95.025(3), all complaints against licensed or certificated medical marijuana facilities must be submitted using the Medical Marijuana Facility License & Compliance Complaint Form.

Complaints shall include the name and address of the facility against which the complaint is made and a clear description of what violation the complainant believes the facility has committed. Upon complaint against a facility, the department will determine whether an inspection is warranted to investigate the allegations in the complaint. If the department conducts an inspection, the facility will receive a copy of the complaint. Employees of a facility who report potential violations by a facility to the department may not be subjected to retaliation of any kind, including termination, because of their report.

Multiple complaints should be submitted separately. Email your completed form and any attachments to mmcomplaints@health.mo.gov; Attn: Facility Complaint.

Patient/Primary Caregiver/Home Cultivator Complaints

Complaints regarding individuals who may be patients, primary caregivers, or patient/home cultivators of medical marijuana will be received pursuant to the Department’s authority to enforce Article XIV, Section 1, and the associated regulations. Complaints regarding patients, primary caregivers, and/or patient/home cultivators must be submitted using the Medical Marijuana Patient/Primary Caregiver/Home Cultivator Complaint Form.

A separate form should be submitted for each complaint unless the same individual(s) are involved. Email your completed form and any attachments to: mmcomplaints@health.mo.gov; Attn: Patient/Caregiver Complaint.