Thank you for choosing to submit your product to the Missouri WIC program for consideration. We select foods for addition based on federal regulations, state standards, availability and cost. Not all food submissions will be approved.

Our survey for limited submission categories is closed. Please check back for more information on the next open survey for these categories.

  • Limited Submission categories include tofu, yogurt, soy beverage, bread, tortillas, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, bottled and frozen juice, cold and hot cereal, infant fruits and vegetables, infant cereal, infant meats and goat milk.

The Missouri WIC program is accepting continuous category submissions using the Missouri WIC Product Submission Form. Approved submissions will be added to the food list and Approved Product List (APL) on a quarterly basis.

  • Continuous Submission categories include frozen fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese, mature legumes (dry beans and peas), peanut butter, canned fish, eggs, brown rice and canned beans.

The Missouri WIC program reserves the right to change the approved food list at any time. Submissions that do not contain all of the necessary information may be automatically denied, but resubmitted for later review. Previously approved items are highly recommended for resubmission to ensure labels and UPC information are current. See the current APL here. All submissions must include the following:

  • Completed Missouri WIC Product Submission Form
    • Product description
    • Size of product (e.g., ounces, pounds)
    • Full UPC (including the leading and check digits)
  • Images of full packaging label. Labels must show product name, size, nutrition panel, ingredients list and UPC.
  • At a minimum all products must meet USDA regulations on qualifications for products.

Submit the completed Missouri WIC Product Submission Form and product images to

Contact Missouri WIC state agency staff with questions at or at 573-751-6204.

Missouri WIC manufacturers and distributors can sign up for product submission notifications here.