breastfeeding welcome here

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) encourages businesses to support breastfeeding families. There are many benefits to breastfeeding. Breastfed babies are healthier, making fewer demands on public health services. Parents of healthy children take less time off work. Breastfeeding is also environmentally friendly -there is no manufacturing, pollution, packaging or waste involved! Furthermore, more mothers who feel comfortable feeding their babies in public places equal fewer crying infants, which makes for a better shopping, dining, etc. experience for all of your customers.


The Breastfeeding Welcome Here Toolkit is a resource for local advocates who wish to create communities supportive of breastfeeding by reaching out to local businesses and public establishments. Facilities that choose to take an active role in creating communities where breastfeeding families feel welcomed may follow the guidelines of the toolkit and complete the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Pledge.  Those who do so will receive a certificate, window cling and recognition on our website.

Why should businesses participate?

Missouri law states “[a] mother may, with discretion, breastfeed her child in any public or private location where the mother is otherwise authorized to be.”  Many Missouri businesses are already providing this level of access and comfort for their patrons and employees.  In fact, 93% said they saw their business have a more family-friendly image in the community.  The campaign’s aim is for businesses to demonstrate their support for breastfeeding by displaying a clearly visible window cling.  

Achieve Breastfeeding Welcome Here Recognition by completing the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Pledge                                   

  • Educate staff about Missouri breastfeeding laws and how to support breastfeeding families who visit your workplace
  • Complete the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Pledge form

Where can I find more information on breastfeeding?

 For more information contact