Missouri WIC Data Reports (Crystal Reports)

Crystal Reports Bi-Portal
The Missouri WIC Data Reports (Crystal Reports) provide clinic reporting, clinic management, and other important information.

How to Use Crystal Reports - WIC
This is a short instruction sheet on how to access and use WIC Crystal Reports.

Crystal WIC Reports - Local Agency Table of Contents
The Crystal WIC Reports - Local Agency Table of Contents is a listing of the available local agency reports that provides a brief description of each report.

You must have a user name and password to view these reports. Click here for the online ASAP form. Click here for instructions to complete the online ASAP form, which requests access to the reports.

Missouri WIC Customer Satisfaction Report

The 2018 Missouri WIC Customer Satisfaction Survey was developed to assess the satisfaction of WIC customers and clients with various aspects of the WIC program, including the selection of foods covered under WIC, ability to utilize WIC benefits, and experiences with WIC staff. The findings from this survey will be used to enhance WIC service provision.

Community Data Profiles

Community profiles are available on various subject areas such as cause of death, chronic diseases, unintentional injuries, prenatal, and others. Each community data profile table provides data on 15–30 indicators for each county and city selected. Information provided includes the number of events, county and city rate, statistical significance, quintile ranking, and the state rate. Some tables have trend lines and advanced graphics.

girl at a computer Data, Surveillance Systems & Statistical Reports

The Missouri Information for Community Assessment (MICA) system is an interactive system that allows anyone to create a table of specific data from various data files including births, deaths, hospital discharges, and others. These reports include WIC data.
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

Missouri Nutrition Data and Statistics

The Nutrition Surveillance System collects, analyzes, and monitors nutritional risk factors and nutritional health status information for all Missourians. Currently, there are two (2) surveillance components: the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS) and the Pregnancy Nutritional Surveillance System (PNSS).