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Available Spanish versions:

Nutrition and Oral Health

Preventive Services Program

Education is also provided through the Preventive Services Program (PSP). PSP is dedicated to promoting healthy smiles for all of the children of Missouri through education and preventive treatment.

Oral Health Education Resources (Printable list of education resources)

Oral Health Education Activity Sheets

Land of Smiles

Land of Smiles is an educational program offered by Delta Dental. This program provides a live performance by Delta Dental's Tooth Wizard, and friends and is designed for schools (Kindergarten-Third Grade) at no cost. The program provides a teacher's educational guide and DVD. Learn more at

K-12 Narrated Oral Health Presentations (PowerPoint Presentations)

The Department of Health and Senior Services is pleased to be able to offer new oral health educational video (English-only) presentations designed specifically for Kindergarten through High School Seniors. The Spanish language PowerPoint presentations have not been narrated at this time, but are still good educational resources. The videos and PowerPoints can be downloaded free-of-charge by clicking on the grade(s) specific icons. The presentations can be used by school nurses, teachers, as well as other health care/child care professionals in conjunction with health curriculum.