Surveillance systems provide information necessary for public health decision-making. A comprehensive public health surveillance system routinely collects data on health outcomes, risk factors and intervention strategies for the whole population or representative samples of the population.

The Missouri Oral Health Surveillance System consists of the elements listed below.

Oral Health in Missouri - 2020, A Burden Report by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Preventive Services Program Annual Report 2019-2020

Elk's Report: Information on the Oral Health of Individuals with Intellectual/Development Disabilities, 2019-2020

Oral Health of Missouri’s Third Grade Children Compared to the General U.S. Population, 2019

Emergency Department Utilization for Dental Complaints

Adult Oral Health Assessment Executive Summary 2009

Oral Health Workforce Information for Missouri

Dental Hygiene Workforce Analysis
Dentists Workforce Analysis
Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas 2017

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Chronic Disease Indicators (CDI) page at The CDI website provides access to a wide range of key indicators for the surveillance of chronic diseases, conditions, and risk factors - including oral health.