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Statewide Programs

  • Medicaid covers dental care. Who can apply for Medicaid? Your age, income, health and needs will determine if you will get Medicaid. You may get Medicaid if you are:
    • Senior - age 65 and older
    • Parent or caretaker with a child under age 19
    • Child - age birth to 18
    • Woman - age 18 to 55 with no health insurance
    • Adult - age 19-55 without disabilities
    • Pregnant Woman including unborn child
    • Woman - under age 65 with breast or cervical cancer
    • Person with disabilities
    • Blind or visually impaired adult
  • To learn more about dental health care go to

    To apply for Medicaid go to

    Don’t have a car that can get you to a dental appointment? Medicaid can help get you to your appointment. Learn more at

    ** The Family Support Division (FDS) is now requiring annual Medicaid Renewals starting April 1, 2023. If you currently have Medicaid, but, need assistance with the renewal process please click on the following link for more information.

  • Find a Medicaid Dentist in Your Area
  • Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM) is a largescale dental clinic that provides free oral healthcare to patients of all ages who cannot afford or access care. There are no current plans to announce the next MOMOM. More details for patients and volunteers can be found at Missouri Dental Association webpage.
  • Aspen Dental Day of Service is to honor our nation’s veterans. Veterans will receive free dental care. The Day of Service is held annually in June. Aspen Dental office take appointments and space is limited. To learn more go to
  • Clinic Locator for Medicaid and Sliding Fee Dental Services
    provided by the Missouri Primary Care Association
  • Donated Dental Services for Disabled, Elderly and Chronically Ill (DDS)
    • Dentists in Missouri have volunteered to provide free dental care for eligible applicants.
    • If you have a permanent disability, or over 65 years old, or medically compromised, and do not have enough money to pay for dental care, you may qualify for free treatment.
    • Due to lengthy wait lists and the availability of dentists, different counties are open for applications at different times. Check the DDS website for open counties.
    • Military veterans, who meet eligibility guidelines, may still apply to the program even if your county is closed.
    • With documentation from a physician stating that you cannot receive essential medical treatment due to your dental condition, you can apply for the program even if your county is closed.
  • Elks Mobile Dental Program for Children with Special Healthcare Needs
    • Provides free basic dental needs in different regions of Missouri for children and adults who have developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities as identified by the Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities throughout Missouri.
    • Check the Elks Mobile Dental Program Schedule to find where the mobile dental van is this week!
  • First Hand Foundation
    • First Hand Foundation accepts applications from anywhere in the world for dental assistance for a child. Application required, financial eligibility, and funding criteria must be met. Child selected by the First Hand Foundation committee.
  • Midwest Special Needs Trust
    • Midwest Special Needs Trust Charitable Trust Program provides small financial assistance grants to impoverished residents of Missouri with a Social Security verifiable disability.
    • The maximum grant award is $1500. Grants may be requested for medical and dental care, rehabilitative services or equipment, educational assistance, specialized transportation and other needs not covered by public benefits or available through other community programs.
  • Partnership for Hope Waiver
    • The Partnership for Hope Waiver is to prevent or delay institutional services for individuals who require minimal services in order to continue living in the community. This waiver is operated in 94 Missouri counties and includes dental services.
    • The Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities administers this program through an inter-agency agreement with the MO HealthNet Division.
    • Participants in this program must be eligible for Medicaid, be determined to have mental retardation and/or a development disability, and require ICF/MR level of care. Persons do not require residential services and typically are living in the community with family members.
  • Smiles Change Lives Braces for Children
    • An orthodontic non-profit organization dedicated to helping children from low-income families receive braces at a reduced cost. The applicant must be between the ages of 10-18.
  • Transportation Services

Local Dental Resources

Missouri Dental Care Resource Guide

You may use the map below to locate dental services in your area. The map contains local dental resources identified by Missouri Office of Dental Health. Resources are not available for every county, so it may be helpful to click on multiple counties to locate resources for your region.

Click on a county in the map below to see a list of dental services in your area
List will display under the map.