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Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo)

Instructions for Viewing Statutes - The Section(s) or Chapter citations in the left column below link to the indicated Chapter of the Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo) on the Missouri General Assembly's web page. The Chapter page includes a list of all Sections in the Chapter. To view a particular Section on the list, select the title for the desired section.



Long-Term Care Units Operating Inside Hospitals:

Sections 197.010 - 197.120, RSMo

Medical Treatment Facility Licenses (includes Sections 197.010, 197.020, 197.030, 197.032, 197.040, 197.050, 197.060, 197.070, 197.071, 197.080, 197.090, 197.100, and 197.120)

Stand-Alone Long-Term Care Facilities:

Chapter 198, RSMo

Convalescent, Nursing and Boarding Homes (all sections)

Section 191.1400, RSMo

Compassionate Care Visits

Section 191.2290, RSMo

Essential Caregiver Program

Section 192.2000, RSMo

Dementia-Specific Training Requirements

Sections 192.2490 - 192.2500, RSMo

Employee Disqualification and Criminal Background Check (includes Sections 192.2490, 192.2495, and 192.2500)

Adult Day Care:

Sections 192.2200 - 192.2275, RSMo

Adult Day Care Program (includes Sections 192.2200, 192.2205, 192.2210, 192.2215, 192.2220, 192.2225, 192.2230, 192.2235, 192.2240, 192.2245, 192.2250, 192.2255, 192.2260, 192.2265, 192.2270, and 192.2275)


Code of State Regulations (CSR)

Instructions for Viewing CSR - The CSR citations in the left column below link to the portion of the CSR table of contents that relates to the Department of Health and Senior Services (Title 19). To access the table of contents for the Division of Health Standards and Licensure (Division 30), either scroll down until you reach Division 30, or select Division 30 from the list of Divisions. The resulting table of contents lists all chapters for the Division. To view a particular Chapter on the list (Examples: Chapter 20 for Hospitals or Chapter 81 for Certification), select the Chapter number.

Note: To obtain the current version of an application or form cited or included in the CSRs, go to the Applications and Forms page.



Long-Term Care Units Operating Inside Hospitals:

19 CSR 30-20

Hospitals - specifically 19 CSR 30-20.040, 19 CSR 30-20.050, and 19 CSR 20.060

Stand-Alone Long-Term Care Facilities:

19 CSR 30-81


19 CSR 30-82

General Licensure Requirements

19 CSR 30-83

Definition of Terms

19 CSR 30-84

Training Program for Nursing Assistants

19 CSR 30-85

Intermediate Care and Skilled Nursing Facility

19 CSR 30-86

Residential Care Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities

19 CSR 30-87

Sanitation Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities

19 CSR 30-88

Residents' Rights and Handling Resident Funds and Property in Long-Term Care Facilities

19 CSR 30-89

Specialized Long-Term Care Facilities or Special Care Units

19 CSR 30-91

Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities

Adult Day Care:

19 CSR 30-90

Adult Day Care Program Licensure


Communicable Disease Investigation Reference Manual

Guidelines for End-of-Life Care in Long-Term Care Facilities

Palliative Care in the Nursing Home
Goals of Care
Pain Management
Nutrition and Hydration
Spiritual and Psychosocial Care-Trainer Series
Hospice Care in the Nursing Home

Adult Day Care Program Manual (Revised May 2024)

Licensure Regulations Manual (updated March 2023)

Licensure Regulations Manual Chapter 198 RSMo (updated August 28, 2022)
Licensure Regulations Manual Chapter 192 RSMo (updated August 28, 2022)
Licensure Regulations Manual chapter 191 RSMo (updated August 28, 2022)

Disclaimer: All information contained in the Licensure Regulation Manual is solely intended as a resource and guide for the surveyors. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services assumes no responsibility for any error, omissions, or other discrepancies in the manual. Refer to the official regulations, which can be found at the Missouri Secretary of State´s web site.


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