Adult Day Care service is defined as the continuous care and supervision of disabled adults in a licensed adult day care setting for up to 10 hours (forty (40) 15 minute units) per day for a maximum of 5 days. Services include but are not limited to assistance with activities of daily living, planned group activities, food services, client observation, skilled nursing services as specified in the plan of care, and transportation. Planned group activities include socialization, recreation and cultural activities that stimulate the individual and help the client maintain optimal functioning. The provider must arrange or provide transportation to the adult day care facility at no cost to the participant. Reimbursement will be made for up to 120 minutes per day of transportation that is related to transporting an individual to and from the Adult Day Care setting. Meals provided as part of ADC shall not constitute a “full nutritional regimen” (3 meals per day).


Should you require additional information on becoming an eligible Adult Day Care provider, contact MMAC Provider Contracts by e-mail at Submitting questions through e-mail will provide a written record of MMAC Provider Contracts’ response. Your e-mail must include the name of your agency.