older american's month- engage at every age: may 2018

Let's Celebrate Older Americans Month by Recognizing Some Older Missourians Who Show Us What it Means to Engage at Every Age! Here are some of their stories...

Robert Snyder

Robert Snyder - At 80 years old, Robert Synder is a passionate champion for seniors and senior issues. Mr. Synder retired eight years ago and has been actively involved in numerous social work networking groups since, ensuring seniors are provided information on Medicare, healthcare and other services to meet their needs. Read more about Bob's Story

Pat Curtner - "We keep our hearts and heads active and working properly when we get out and interact with the people in the community. If you keep busy, you’ll feel healthier and you’ll be healthier. If you start sitting around on your thumb, you get bored, cranky and ornery."
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pat curtner

robert hazen

Robert Hazen - "Not many people in my age group can do what I do, so I just work at getting them started in activities."
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Contact your local Area Agency on Aging to find out what they are doing to celebrate Older Americans Month.

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