Radiation MachineThe Radiation Control program has the responsibility of regulating the use of radiation machines in the state of Missouri. As part of this responsibility, the Radiation Control program registers all radiation machines and requires inspections of some of these facilities on a regular basis.

Facilities using Medical Radiation Machines, Non-Medical Radiation Machines, or Mammography Machines can register by completing the appropriate registration form for their facility and sending the form to the Radiation Control program.

Temporary Registration of Radiation Machines (Reciprocity)

Out-of-state owners of radiation machines who plan to use it temporarily (less than 90 days) in Missouri for demonstration or other purposes must register with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Currently, there is no fee for this temporary registration.

Registration is accomplished by completing an "Out of State Radiation Machine Temporary Registration" form. All radiation machines brought into the state of Missouri for temporary use must be registered at least four (4) days before entry.

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