1. At the initiation of the construction process contact the bureau at HSLCARP@health.mo.gov to receive a construction form and further instructions. NO drawings are needed at this time.
  2. Complete the Construction and Renovation Project Tracking form in its entirety and return it to HSLCARP@health.mo.gov. Once the form is received, a project number (H-####) will be assigned for tracking purposes. All future communications MUST include the assigned project number.
  3. Submit project plans to the Engineering Consultation Unit (ECU) for review and approval. The plans must include:
    • One (1) full sized set of drawings, signed and sealed.
    • One (1) electronic drawing by CD, email, or thumb drive.
    • Include (H-###) project number with the electronic drawings

      Department of Health and Senior Services
      c/o Engineering Consultation Unit (ECU)
      920 Wildwood Drive
      Jefferson City, MO 65109
      Phone: 573-526-8505
      E-mail: ECU@health.mo.gov

  4. Contact the ECU to review the plans after they are delivered. Inspections by ECU may occur at 50% or 80% or project completion. The inspector will require a ladder on-site for above the ceiling inspections.

ONLY the primary hospital contact should e-mail HSLCARP@health.mo.gov to schedule the 100% inspections conducted by the Bureau of Hospital Standards (BHS).

Hospital Preparation for 100% Inspections:

  • An onsite licensure inspection MUST be successfully completed before patient care or use of occupied space can occur.
  • Contact BHS at least four (4) weeks prior to 100% completion to schedule the licensure inspection.
  • Keep BHS informed of any timeline changes.

For questions related to construction and renovation projects with an assigned project number(s), contact: Phone: 573-751-6303 or HSLCARP@health.mo.gov.