Health Service Regulation (HSR) encourages you to bring your complaint to the attention of the healthcare facility FIRST.  Generally, this is done by contacting a patient advocate, patient ombudsman, the customer relations department or a representative from Administration. 

If, after alerting the facility about the concern, you are not satisfied with the response from the facility, you may then forward your complaint to HSR.  When submitting a complaint, provide your name and contact information.  Providing your name and contact information enables HSR to contact you in the event additional information is needed.  Complaints should provide as much detail as possible:  names of those involved, date of the incident(s), location and specific concern(s).

Complaints may be submitted in several ways.  Complaints may be phoned to the department directly at 1-800-392-0210. You may email your complaint to You may also print and complete a complaint form. Once completed, this form should be mailed to:

     Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
     Bureau of Health Services Regulation

     P.O. Box 570
     Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570

faxed to:

     Health Services Regulation
     (573) 526-3621

or emailed to:

Complaint information is used to aid the oversight activities of HSR and to allow facilities the opportunity to improve the quality of care they provide. HSR will address all complaints that relate to patient rights, quality of care, safety and infection control. HSR does not address billing issues or payment disputes.

Upon the receipt of the complaint form, HSR will send a letter of acknowledgement. HSR will then determine the appropriate steps necessary to respond to the complaint.

Complaint Triage Guidelines

  • If HSR believes serious concerns have been raised, an unannounced, on-site investigation will take place.
  • HSR may ask the facility to provide a written response to the complaint including a plan for correction.
  • HSR may include the complaint at the time of the facility's next scheduled survey or inspection if the facility is due in the near future.

At the conclusion of the complaint review/investigation, HSR will inform the complainant of the actions taken.

The following agencies may be able to provide assistance if you have concerns with healthcare related issues not regulated by HSR:

  • Healthcare professionals – Board of Professional Registration by calling 573-751-0098 or online
  • Billing issues – Office of Attorney General by calling 573-751-3321 or toll free 800-392-8222 or online
  • Insurance issues – Department of Insurance, Consumer Affairs by calling 573-751-2640 or toll free 800-726-7390 or online at
  • Medicare or Medicaid issues – Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Kansas City federal office by calling 816-426-2011 or online
  • General Information – Missouri State Operator by calling 573-751-2000