Bring your complaint or grievance to the attention of the hospital FIRST. Generally, this is done by contacting a patient care advocate, the customer relations department or a representative from the hospital’s administration.

If the hospital fails to adequately address your complaint you may forward your complaint to 1- 800-392-0210 or you may complete a complaint form and e-mail it to

When submitting a complaint, provide your name and contact information in case additional information is needed.

When you submit your complaint, details are used to aid the investigative activities and ensure hospitals are meeting regulations. Provide as much detail as possible: such as the date of the incident; location(s); the specific complaint(s); and any negative patient outcome(s). Every complaint will be reviewed. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services does not address billing issues or payment disputes.

Missouri Hospital Reported Incidents

Incidents to Self-Report

  • Patient Abuse/Neglect (sexual, physical, verbal) by another patient, employee, vendor, or visitor; including “consensual” sexual contact in a psychiatric setting.
  • Patient suicide or attempted suicide. 
  • Patient elopement or abduction. 
  • Surgery Incidents, such as wrong patient, wrong body part, wrong procedure/surgery or unintended retention of a foreign object. 
  • Patient injuries that require more than first aide.
  • Patient to patient altercations resulting in injury (also encourage patient to file police report). 
  • Events that have the potential to generate media attention.
  • Patient injury (falls, accidents, etc.) resulting in injury requiring more than first aide (fractures, sutures, surgery, etc.)

Whenever possible, initiate the self-report within 24 hours of a reportable incident.

Documentation to be submitted to BHS with Self-Reports

  • Copy of all policies and procedures which apply to the incident reported.
  • Copy of the hospital's internal investigation of the incident and corrective actions taken to protect the patient(s) involved and all other patients. This should include an incident timeline, copies of all interviews, written statements, emails, etc. that document witness accounts of the incident or were pertinent to the investigation. For all interviews and written statements please have the staff member sign and date the document.
  • Opportunities for improvement identified during the hospital’s investigation with a description of plans to implement the findings.
  • Video footage available pertaining to the reported issue.

Keep in mind that the more detailed and comprehensive the information, the more accurate the final triage decision will be. In many cases, the self-report documentation will be adequate to demonstrate compliance with the regulations; therefore, potentially eliminating the need for an onsite investigation.

Self-reports may be submitted via e-mail to, or by phone to the Complaint Hotline 24 hours a day at 1- (800) 392-0210.