When inspecting these SFSP sites, inspectors will conduct a routine food safety and sanitation inspection. Staff preparing foods should follow safe food handling practices. Inspectors should focus on items such as cooking and reheating temperatures, cooling procedures, hot and cold-holding temperatures, cross-contamination issues, personal hygiene, proper hand-washing practices, and food storage practices. Follow-up inspections shall be performed to verify correction of critical violations that were not corrected on-site during the initial inspection. Follow-up inspections should be conducted as required in the agency’s written plan or program policies and procedures.

Completed inspections reports are to be submitted to DHSS within 2 weeks of the inspection. Mail the inspection report to: DHSS, Bureau of Environmental Health Services (BEHS), Attn: Summer Food Service Program, P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO, 65102-0570. BEHS will review the inspection report to assure that it was completed according to the participation agreement. All fields on the inspection report should be completed. Some of the more important fields are: the facility name, address, inspection date and "time in-time out", and signature. The inspector should note the food items served and food temperatures must be recorded on the inspection report in the chart provided. The inspection time shall be a minimum of 30 minutes for food preparation sites and an unobligated timeframe for service sites. The inspection report is to be completed on the DHSS Summer Food inspection report form (E6.39). This form can be used for all inspection types: routine, follow-up, and attempted inspections. An attempted inspection may be documented on a Sanitation Observation form (E6.07). These forms can be ordered through the DHSS warehouse.

For Technical questions regarding an inspection site contact Anne Strope and sanitation questions to Ann Winkler, Retail Food Safety Manager at (573) 751-6095.