The operation of a food service establishment is complex. The owner, manager, or person-in-charge (PIC) must understand staffing, food safety risk factors, and the economics of operating a successful business. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey suggested that the presence of a certified food protection manager reduces the risk for a foodborne outbreak for an establishment. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) risk factor studies also show that a certified manager has a positive correlation with more effective control of certain risk factors.

Although the current Missouri Food Code does not require a certified manager, the person in charge must be capable of demonstrating knowledge about foodborne disease prevention, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, food code requirements, and train and monitor staff.

The links below are provided in an effort to assist the PIC with obtaining food safety training. These links also provide training opportunities for food handlers. Managers and food handlers should check with local health agency or inspector to assure that these courses or certifications will meet local requirements.