The Revised Missouri Statutes Chapter 196 assigns authority for performing inspections and other enforcement responsibilities for Missouri food manufacturing facilities to the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). On September 30, 2013, new sections of the Code of State Regulations (CSR) were adopted regarding food protection. This was done to update the regulations used by Missouri for food manufacturing.

DHSS also participates in the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS). This program assists state’s in development of standardized practices to be used on inspections. This is part of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s food safety system integration program. Under this program the Manufactured Food Program performs inspections under contract for the FDA.

While no licensing is required for food manufacturers they must be in compliance with all applicable regulations while processing or their food may be considered contaminated. These operations need to comply with 19 CSR 20-1.040 Good Manufacturing Practices. This is a section of the Code of State Regulations (CFR) that is used when inspecting all types of food manufacturing, distribution and warehousing facilities. This section adopted current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) from the Code of Federal Regulations as the minimum requirements. The cGMPs are general regulations that provide requirements for the food processing structures, plumbing and building materials as well as operational controls.

There are types of manufacturing operations that require additional controls to be applied to keep the foods safe. These include acidified foods, beverage bottling operations, juice operations and seafood operations. Section 19 CSR 20-1.042 adopts the CFR section on acidified foods. Missouri adopted the sections of the CFR on Seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in 19 CSR 20-1.100 and Juice HACCP in 19 CSR 20-1.200. Section 19 CSR 20-1.050 was adopted to address “Sanitation Standards for the Manufacture of Soft Drinks and Beverages.”Missouri CSR also adopted by reference sections of the CFR on labeling in section 19 CSR 20-1.045 to align labeling requirements. DHSS does not approve labels.

Contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services at 573 751-6095, or if you questions concerning food manufacturing operations.