210.900     Definitions

210.903     Family care safety registry and access line established, contents

210.906     Registration form, contents--violation, penalty--fees--voluntary registration permitted, when

210.909     Department duties--information included in registry, when--registrant notification

210.912     Right to appeal, procedure

210.915     Departmental collaboration on registry information--rulemaking authority

210.918     Toll-free telephone service maintained for access to information

210.921     Release of registry information, when--limitations of disclosure --immunity from liability, when

210.922     Use of registry information by certain departments, when

210.924     Rulemaking authority

210.927     Annual report, when, contents

210.933     Registration qualifies as compliance with other background check requirements, elder-care workers, when

210.936     Registry information deemed public record


19 CSR 30-80.010 to 30-80.040


Provider Manual