Access to Automated System

Each facility or agency may designate up to three staff members to receive access to the EDL systems. The Access Request Form (DDP-137) is to be completed by each staff member requesting access to the EDL systems. To add a new user, complete section l, place a check in the ADD USERID and ADD ACCESS boxes in section ll, and have the person requesting access sign and date in the requestor (signature) block. The requestor’s supervisor should then sign and date in the supervisor/security coordinator (signature) block. If the form is not completed as stated, the DDP-137 form will be returned for completion. The DDP-137 form will be processed through the Department of Social Services, Division of Data Processing. Each staff person completing a DDP-137 form requesting access will receive his or her assigned User ID from the EDL Unit. After receiving the User ID, the staff person must call the Missouri Information Technical Services Division at (573) 751-6388 or (800) 347-0887 to receive a PIN/PASSWORD.


Information contained within the EDL system is confidential and not accessible to the general public. The use of individual Social Security numbers along with a Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)/Password for users of the automated checking system is to ensure security. Staff must not share these User Identifications, Social Security Numbers or PIN/Passwords with other staff members. The PIN/Password will expire every 30 days but the systems will prompt the user to enter a new PIN/Password. Each PIN/Password must contain eight characters. The security features of EDL systems require the user to access the EDL web site at least once every 90 days to maintain individual access to the systems. If the user does not access the system within ninety days, the access will be completely revoked. The user would then be required to submit another DDP-137 form to be granted access to the EDL system again.

Deletion of Users

Each provider must complete a Access Request Form (DDP-137) to delete each individual who formerly had access but is no longer employed by the facility or whose job responsibilities have changed. To delete an individual, please complete section l and place a check in the DELETE ACCESS and DELETE USERID boxes in section ll of the form. The person submitting the form must sign and date it, but it is not necessary that the person whose access is to be deleted also sign the form.

Each facility or agency may only designate three individuals with access to the EDL systems at a time. Also, each User ID that is assigned is associated with the specific facility or agency which employs that individual. For example, if the employee responsible for performing EDL checks for a facility transfers to another, affiliated facility, any EDL checks that he or she does for the new facility would still be associated in the EDL system with the former facility. Therefore, it is very important that a 'delete' form be promptly submitted for any individual who is no longer responsible for doing EDL checks for any facility or agency.

All completed DDP-137 forms, either to add access or to delete access, can be emailed to the Employee Disqualification List Unit at