Section for Adult Protective Services

What is Adult Protective Services (APS)? The mission of the Adult Protective Services (APS) is “To protect & support vulnerable Missourians impacted by abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation.” The Section for APS is statutorily mandated pursuant Chapter 192.2400-192.2505, RSMo., to complete a prompt and thorough response to abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation hotlines received to investigate reported concerns and provide protective services when needed. Protective services require assessing immediate and on-going needs and are offered to older persons (60+) and adults with disabilities (18+) who are at risk of or have been mistreated and are unable to protect themselves. This important mission is accomplished utilizing community resources and collaborative partnerships to act in the adult’s best interest while protecting their individual rights.

How to contact APS once a hotline has been made:

Interactive Map of APS office numbers by county: