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Academic Courses

A maximum of five (5) clock hours per semester hour may be approved by the board.

To use academic courses for continuing education, the administrator must submit a course description (syllabus) from an accredited college or university for board review and approval. Upon successful completion of the course (grade of “C” or above), an official transcript must be submitted to the board office.


A maximum of ten (10) clock hours toward your continuing education requirements may be obtained as follows:

An administrator lecturing at a Missouri board-approved seminar may receive credit equal to each hour or quarter hour of presentation time with a maximum of six (6) hours earned per licensure period. This may be in addition to actual hours of attendance at the seminar, but only be granted for only one (1) presentation of the same seminar. Submit with renewal application a copy of seminar brochure or documentation indicating you as a lecturer/presenter and the program you presented.


Serving as a board-approved preceptor for an applicant who has been required by the board to complete an internship as described in 19 CSR 73-2.031. One (1) clock hour per full month as a preceptor shall be granted with a maximum of ten (10) clock hours per internship. During the two (2)-year licensure period, a maximum of twenty (20) clock hours will be granted.


A maximum of ten (10) clock hours toward your continuing education requirements may be obtained as follows:

  • Referred publication - a publication that undergoes an anonymous review process that determines whether or not the article will be published.
  • National health-care publication: published by a health-care association whose mission statement/bylaws indicate its scope is national; mailed nationwide; and addressing content contained within the long-term care core of knowledge outlined in 19 CSR 73-2.031.

Publishing health-care related articles of at least fifteen hundred (1,500) words shall be granted one (1) clock hour if article is published in a magazine or journal publication. Submit with renewal application documentation indicating that you authored and published an article as outlined above.