This information is for those applicants that have submitted a license application to the board and have been determined not qualified to sit for the exams or those applicants that have failed an exam three (3) times. The applicant will be prescribed a pre-licensure training program that will consist of an internship and possible coursework to become qualified. If program is successfully completed, the applicant will be found qualified. For complete definition of the rule please refer to state regulation, 19 CSR 73-2.031.

For those that have been prescribed an internship with a board approved preceptor, below you will find a link to the list of certified preceptors and their contact information. We apologize for any discrepancies in this list; however, information is updated when a preceptor notifies us of the changes.

Certified Preceptor List

Once the applicant and a preceptor agree to the internship, the preceptor will need to email the “AIT and Preceptor Request and Agreement” to our office for review and decision. The preceptor and applicant will be notified by email of the decision. If approved, a start date and materials for internship reporting will be provided.

AIT and Preceptor Request and Agreement Form .pdf