boy eatingThe Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) helps assure that eligible populations have access to nutritious meals during the summer months. When school is not in session, SFSP provides reimbursement to community agencies offering the required continuum of meals. Eligible participants include: children 0 through 18 years of age whose family incomes are less than or equal to 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines; and to income-eligible adults over 18 years of age who have been determined by a state educational agency to have a disability and who participate in a school-based program for the disabled during the school year. SFSP contracts with schools and other community-based organizations to sponsor the local programs and provide meals that meet established guidelines. By increasing the nutrient intake of program participants, SFSP reduces their risk for health problems and enhances their learning capacities. The program also improves the quality of the summer programs offered in areas of economic need.

The SFSP is administered by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

To become a SFSP sponsor follow the instructions in the application packet under Forms.



On October 11, 2018 USDA issued Memo SFSP 01-2019 -

In response to this memo DHSS-CFNA is requesting that USDA approve the following state requested waivers:

  • 1st Week Site Review Waiver – to allow sponsors to request that the state waive the 1st week site review for their sites
  • Closed Enrolled Site Waiver – to allow sponsors to utilize area eligibility at these sites, if applicable
  • Meal Time Restrictions Waiver – to allow sponsors to have meal time flexibility, but still require thirty minutes between meal services
  • Offer vs Serve Waiver – to allow any sponsor to request the use of Offer vs Serve and to allow the sponsor to utilize the SFSP meal pattern for Offer vs. Serve

These waivers have been approved by USDA and have been implemented for the 2019 Summer Food Service Program.

On June 20th, 2019, DHSS-CFNA submitted a waiver request to USDA and is awaiting decision on the following waiver:

  • Non-congregate meal service to one special needs student with health issues and the designation of homeless.