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Nearly seven out of every 10 Missourians who die each year will die of a chronic disease. Just the prolonged illness and disability arising from these diseases make the quality of life worse for most of the afflicted. Of all health problems, chronic diseases are among the most costly. Yet diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and asthma are the most controllable, if not preventable!

This Web site is a pathway to chronic disease resources and information for all Missourians. Place your pointer over one of the blue buttons above to see the clickable links under each topic. The first two buttons, Chronic Diseases and Risk Factors, are pathways to programs that support and assist in the prevention and in the fight to control chronic diseases. Within the last three buttons are topics and resources conveniently categorized for three main audiences: the Public, Community Partners and Health Providers.

The middle button, Data & Statistics, contains easy to use Web-based data tools. Select the Community Profiles links to find quick statistics (prevalence and rates) on chronic diseases, and their risk factors, for Missouri or by county. Click on the Chronic Disease Data Queries link to make tables of chronic disease frequencies and rates for Missouri counties, cities and zip codes. Maps of events (deaths, hospitalizations, ER visits, etc.) are also available.

Note: The development of the Pathways to Chronic Disease Resources and Information website was funded through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. For more information on this grant and the projects it funded, click here.