Missouri's Time Critical Diagnosis System

The Missouri Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) system of care was created to address preventable causes of death for which minutes matter- Trauma, Stroke, and STEMI (a potentially fatal form of heart attack Heart attack.) The foundation of this system is rooted in evidence-based care and coordinates timely transition from pre-hospital response to the designated hospital that is verified to have the resources, capability, and capacity to ensure the highest level of care.

Missouri has enacted laws addressing the requirements for participation as a Time Critical Diagnosis center through which hospital are designated as Trauma, Stroke or STEMI centers. Hospitals are further leveled based on their resources. Additionally, collaborative regulation with the Bureau of EMS addresses the timely transport of these time critical patients. All of these conditions require quick assessment, diagnosis and treatment by a facility that can provide timely, definitive care to minimize risk for preventable complications and death.

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Minutes make a difference

Severe injury requires timely definitive care for the best outcomes for survival and recovery. Likewise, stroke and STEMI heart attack victims who receive treatment within specific time frames from the time their symptoms begin are more likely to recover and less likely to have permanent disabilities. Currently, only a small percentage of stroke patients and less than half of heart attack patients in Missouri get help within the recommended amount of time.

Learn how to spot the symptoms of a serious injury or heart attack and stroke so you can be prepared to call for help quickly and get the medical attention you need.

When an emergency happens, minutes matter. Call 911.

Where are the TCD-designated hospitals?

View an interactive map displaying TCD hospitals by designation, non-TCD hospitals with ER, and EMS stations and regions. Fully expand the map and features by clicking here.