Jun. 05, 2020
Missouri’s medical marijuana program publishes first annual report

Jun. 04, 2020
Community COVID-19 testing events continue throughout Missouri

Jun. 01, 2020
Online map and text number will help families locate local summer food programs

May. 25, 2020
Statement from Dr. Randall Williams, Director of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

May. 23, 2020
State continues refinements to COVID-19 dashboard

May. 22, 2020
Community COVID-19 sampling events to be conducted throughout Missouri

May. 15, 2020
Officials distribute antiviral treatment to hospitals throughout Missouri

May. 15, 2020
Missouri launches online one-stop-shop for PPE needs

May. 01, 2020
Additional COVID-19 results in from asymptomatic testing from Buchanan County food plant

Apr. 30, 2020
Initial COVID-19 results in from asymptomatic testing from Buchanan County food plant

Apr. 23, 2020
Missouri’s expanded testing strategy rolled out in Buchanan County

Apr. 23, 2020
Increased testing capacity allows Missouri to expand criteria for patient testing

Apr. 14, 2020
DHSS settles two medical marijuana facility appeals

Apr. 13, 2020
Recovered COVID-19 patients encouraged to donate plasma to treat current patients

Apr. 02, 2020
Waivers provide greater access to delivery of health care by advanced practice registered nurses

Mar. 28, 2020
COVID-19 Testing Available for First Responders and Health Care Workers

Mar. 24, 2020
Missouri leaders protect food supply, agriculture businesses

Mar. 24, 2020
WIC operations continue in Missouri

Mar. 23, 2020
DHSS emphasizes importance of individuals decreasing potential exposure to COVID-19

Mar. 19, 2020
Missouri officials take regulatory action to address child care needs amid COVID-19 outbreak

Mar. 14, 2020
Missouri’s fifth case of COVID-19 reported in Greene County

Mar. 14, 2020
Presumptive positive COVID-19 case announced in Henry County

Mar. 12, 2020
Missouri WIC issues first eWIC cards

Mar. 11, 2020
Missouri opens novel coronavirus information hotline

Mar. 03, 2020
DHSS releases draft rule revisions and new FAQs for medical marijuana

Feb. 28, 2020
CDC releases revised COVID-19 guidance for health care professionals

Feb. 27, 2020
DHSS Director Williams meets at White House to discuss federal, state and local health officials’ strategic alignment on COVID-19

Feb. 11, 2020
Missouri is ‘high performer’ in public health emergency preparedness

Feb. 10, 2020
Missouri DHSS and partners continue planning and preparing for novel coronavirus

Jan. 31, 2020
DHSS issues certifications for medical marijuana seed-to-sale entities

Jan. 31, 2020
State seeks organizations to provide nutritious meals to children during summer month

Jan. 27, 2020
DHSS provides update on novel coronavirus (nCoV)

Jan. 23, 2020
DHSS issues licenses for medical marijuana dispensary facilities

Jan. 22, 2020
Missouri DHSS monitors novel coronavirus

Jan. 10, 2020
DHSS continues to urge flu vaccination

Jan. 10, 2020
DHSS issues licenses for medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facilities

Dec. 26, 2019
DHSS issues licenses for medical marijuana cultivation facilities

Dec. 23, 2019
DHSS announces certification of medical marijuana transportation facilities

Dec. 23, 2019
WIC Continues to Improve the Health of Missouri’s Women, Infants, and Children

Dec. 19, 2019
DHSS issues certifications of medical marijuana testing facilities

Dec. 17, 2019
DHSS announces public forum on medical marijuana vaping issues

Dec. 09, 2019
First flu-associated deaths reported in Missouri

Dec. 05, 2019
DHSS announces timing for medical marijuana facility license issuance

Nov. 25, 2019
Missouri DHSS launches new online reporting system for adult abuse and neglect

Nov. 22, 2019
CDC awards Missouri public water systems for fluoridation quality

Nov. 14, 2019
Second Vaping-Associated Death Reported in Missouri

Nov. 05, 2019
DHSS drafts new draft emergency rule for medical marijuana program

Oct. 30, 2019
DHSS denies false allegations

Oct. 29, 2019
DHSS drafts new draft emergency rule for medical marijuana program

Oct. 28, 2019
Missouri DHSS emphasizes importance of “standing for quality” during Residents’ Rights Month

Oct. 15, 2019
License offices awarded for their efforts to save and enhance lives

Sep. 19, 2019
DHSS Announces First Vaping-Associated Death in Missouri - Eighth Nationally

Sep. 18, 2019
Protect yourself and loved ones from the flu

Sep. 17, 2019
Missouri improves in America’s Health Rankings for women, infants and children

Sep. 12, 2019
Missouri health officials report confirmed cases of vaping-related lung illness

Sep. 12, 2019
DHSS is awarded grant from CDC to improve maternal health in Missouri

Sep. 09, 2019
Hepatitis A in Ava, Missouri foodhandler

Sep. 06, 2019
USDA recognizes Missouri agencies for exemplary support for breastfeeding mothers

Sep. 04, 2019
West Nile virus season is not over yet

Sep. 03, 2019
DHSS announces medical marijuana facility application count by facility type and grants waivers