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Registry Numbers

  • On average, 22 people die each day while waiting for a transplant
  • Missouri Registry Total: 3,764,642 (6.18.18)
  • National Waitlist Totals: 114,838 (5.21.18)
  • Kidney: 1,113 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Kidney/Pancreas: 14 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Pancreas: 8 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Liver: 166 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Heart: 42 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Lung: 9 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Heart/Lung: 3 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Intestine: 3 - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)
  • Any Organ: 1,340* - MO Waitlist (4.30.18)

Help ensure your life-saving decision is fulfilled:

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  • Make a decision about organ and tissue donation.
  • Join the Missouri organ and tissue donor registry.
  • Inform your family, friends, faith leader, and physician of your decision.
  • Complete the back of your driver's license with a permanent marker.
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