The Missouri Organ Donor Trust Fund was established to maintain the organ and tissue donor registry and to provide organ donation education. The opportunity for Missourians to support the program has been in existence since 1996. There are several ways that you can donate to the fund:

  • Make an electronic contribution (payment) through JetPay by clinking "Pay Online" near the bottom of the page. You have the option to make a one-time contribution (payment) or set up an account if you want to make regular contributions (payments) to the Organ Donor Program Fund.
  • Download, complete, and mail in a donation form
  • Donate $1 when you renew your drivers license
  • Donate $1 when you renew your license plates
  • Be an organ donor license platePurchase a "Be A Donor" automobile license plate. In order to purchase an Organ Donor License plate, a $25 donation for a one-year plate, and $50 donation for a two-year plate provides organ donor emblem use authorization. Learn how to apply for a "Be An Organ Donor" license plate.
  • An individual or a corporation can donate at least $2 on a Missouri individual income tax return or at least $4 on a combined return of his or her tax refund amount to the Organ Donor Program Fund. The taxpayer may also donate to the fund by sending a separate check clearly designated to the fund with the payment of his or her taxes. Section 143.1016 RSMo can be read by clicking here.

Individuals who donate to the Organ Donor Trust Fund directly will receive a thank you letter and a receipt for their contribution.