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Zika virus is currently circulating in Mexico, Central and South America, many countries/territories in the Caribbean region, and in a small number of geographically limited areas of the continental United States.  See a complete listing of countries with active Zika transmission.

If traveling to a country or areas of the continental United States with active Zika transmission, you should take steps to protect yourself while traveling. In addition, you should take steps to prevent mosquito bites when you return home.

Protect Yourself, Family and Friends When Traveling

  • Before traveling, check to see if your destination is impacted by local Zika transmission. See a complete listing of countries with active Zika transmission.
  • Pack to prevent Zika virus.
    • Pack EPA-registered insect repellent to avoid bites from mosquitoes that may carry Zika virus. Reapply as directed.
    • When also using sunscreen, apply insect repellent over the sunscreen.
    • Pack long-sleeved shirts and pants and wear them as often as possible. Cover as much exposed skin as possible.
    • Pack a mosquito bed net if mosquitoes can get to where you are sleeping.
      • Choose a World Health Organization approved bed net, white, compact, rectangular with 156 holes per square inch, long enough to tuck under the mattress.
      • Permethrin treated bed nets provide more protection than untreated nets.
    • Pack condoms, Zika virus can be sexually transmitted.
  • Choose a hotel or lodging with air conditioning, or screens on windows and doors.
    • If your hotel or lodging does not have these items, mosquito bed netting is critical.
  • Follow all steps to protect yourself, friends and family from mosquito bites.

Protect Yourself, Family, and Friends When You Return—Stop the Spread of Zika

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  • Watch for Zika virus symptoms for two weeks after you return home.
  • Use an EPA-registered insect repellent for three weeks upon your return to avoid mosquito bites. 
  • Use condoms when you have sex.
  • Call your doctor immediately if you suspect you may have Zika virus.