Testing for Zika virus can only be obtained by visiting your healthcare provider.  Only individuals that meet specific exposure criteria will be tested for Zika virus.  Depending on when you might have been exposed to Zika virus, whether or not you have symptoms and, if you do, when your symptoms began, your healthcare provider will determine the type(s) of specimens that need to be submitted (for example, blood) and the type(s) of tests to be conducted.

Test results will typically be available approximately 3 weeks after specimen receipt. Reporting times for test results may be longer during summer months or when virus activity increases.

Results will be sent to the healthcare provider and the appropriate local public health department. 

Those diagnosed with Zika virus need to take precautions to stop the spread of Zika virus.  Individuals with Zika virus need to insure they are not bitten by mosquitoes.  In addition, men with Zika virus should abstain from sex or correctly use a condom, from start to finish, every time they have sex to prevent sexual transmission of Zika.