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An Advocate Can Help
Be a Veteran's Advocate
Residents’ Rights - Large Poster
Residents’ Rights - Small Poster
Helping People, Changing Lives.

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Grievances and Resident/Family Councils
Guide to Selecting an Alzheimers Special Care Unit
Medicare and Medicaid Poster
Consumer Handbook for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities
Residents Role in the Survey Process
Residents Rights for Long-Term Care in Missouri Fact Sheet
Residents Rights Fact Sheet in Other Languages
Transfer Discharge Tip Sheet Certified
TransferDischarge Tip Sheet – State Licensed
Involuntary Transfer and Discharge Factsheet

External Resources

Guardianship Information

Request for Guardianship Status Hearing - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Printable Template: Request for Guardianship Status Hearing
Editable Template: Request for Guardianship Status Hearing
Finding the Right Fit: Decision-Making Supports and Guardianship
Guardianship: Remedy vs. Enabler of Elder Abuse
Guardianship Resource Guide
What if Your Guardian is Not Doing What They Should?

Medication Issues

"Difficult" is Not a Diagnosis: What to Do When Your Loved One is Being Pushed to Take Antipsychotic Drugs
Medication Issues Factsheet
Avoiding Drugs as Chemical Restraints – Consumer Fact Sheet
Avoiding Drugs as Chemical Restraints – Know Your Drugs & Know Your Rights – Pocket Guide
End the Misuse of Antipsychotic Medications Among Nursing Home Residents

Financial Information

Preventing Elder Financial Abuse: Guide for families and friends of people living in nursing homes and assisted living communities
Protecting Residents from Financial Exploitation - A Manual for Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities
Protecting Your Investments - What You Should Know
Taking Action An Advocate’s Guide to Assisting Victims of Financial Fraud
Money Smart for Older Adults Resource Guide
Know Your Rights: Caregivers and Nursing Home Debt

Managing Someone Else's Money

Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney
Help for Court-appointed Guardians of Property and Conservators
Help for Representative Payees and VA Fiduciaries
Help for Trustees Under a Revocable Living Trust

Choosing a Long-Term Care Home

Eldercare Locator
Guide To Choosing a Nursing Home - English
Knowledge: Know Your Long-term Residential Care Options
Show Me Long-Term Care
Official U.S. Government Medicare Site (click on Find Care Providers)

Additional Long-Term Care Resources

Compassionate Care Visitation Guidance
Nursing Home Abuse: How to Spot it and How to Get Help
Dementia Training Resources for Professionals and Volunteers
The Resident Advocate - A Newsletter for Long-Term Care Residents
25 Common Nursing Home Problems and How to Resolve Them
Staying Engaged: Enrichment Activities for Residents 2023
Balancing Privacy & Protection: Surveillance Cameras in Nursing Home Residents’ Room
Put a Stop to Poor Care
Issue Brief: Why Nursing Homes Need a Minimum Staffing Standard