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Are you ready to quit tobacco? Thinking about quitting tobacco? Or, do you just want to know more? The Missouri Tobacco Quit Services can help tobacco users quit by offering counseling, practical information on how to quit, referrals to other cessation resources, and, if eligible, FDA-approved cessation medications.

The Missouri Tobacco Quit Services is free, confidential and an effective way to help Missourians quit all forms of tobacco, including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. This service is also available for former smokers who are trying to avoid a relapse and for those who want information to help a family member or friend quit tobacco.

Over the past 25 years, many studies have been done that show the benefits of quitlines. Studies show that people who receive coaching through the quitservices more than double their chances of quitting and are more likely to stay quit. Combining counseling and quit-smoking medications, such as patches, triples success rates.

The Missouri Tobacco Quit Services offers:

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Up to 4 coaching calls
*Up to 10 coaching calls, if pregnant

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A personalized quit plan

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Access to a program website to track progress and connect with others who are trying to quit

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Optional email and text messaging programs to keep you focused on your quit

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Up to 2 weeks nicotine replacement therapy, if medically appropriate and if eligible

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Educational materials

Trained quit coaches are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

phone icon 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669)

computer icon youcanquit.org

Still not sure? Click on the videos below to learn more about using a quitline or click on the button below to check out the top 10 questions people ask about quitlines.

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Top 10 Quitline Questions

Missouri Tobacco Quit Services Resources for Providers/Partners

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Quit Services Materials

Resources for Adults (age 18 and older)

Web-Based Cessation Resources

Mobile Apps

  • QuitGuide
    A free app that helps smokers understand their smoking patters and build the skills needed to become and stay smoke-free. Individuals can use the app to track cravings by time of day and location, and get motivational messages for each craving tracked.

Texting Programs

  • Smokefree TXT Program
    For adults in the United States who are ready to quit smoking. The program lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on quit date. Participants receive 3-5 messages per day. Sign up online or text QUIT to 47848.
  • Help to Quit E-cigarettes
    A free electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) quit program for teens and young adults. Participants receive one age-appropriate
    Message per day with recommendations about quitting. The program is also a resource for parents looking to help their children who vape.
    To sign up, text "DITCHJUUL" to 88709

Resources for Youth (Under age 18)

Web-Based Cessation Resources

  • Smokefree Teen
    Offers free tools and tips that can increase chances of quitting successfully. The website also provides information on how to make a plan for quitting and how to prepare for tough moments.
  • My Last Dip
    A web-based research project website funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute to evaluate ways to help people quit using smokeless tobacco. If you participate, plan to make time to use what the website recommends and complete two follow-up surveys, so you can give feedback on what happens.

Mobile Apps

  • quitSTART
    A free smartphone app for teens who want to quit smoking. This app takes the information smokers provide about their smoking history and gives them tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges to help them become smoke-free and live a healthier life. 

Texting Programs

  • Smokefree TXT for Teens
    For young adults (13-19 years old) in the United States who want to be Smokefree. The program is 6-8 weeks, depending on your quit date. You will receive 3-5 messages per day. Sign up online or text QUIT to 47848.
  • Help to Quit E-cigarettes
    A free electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) quit program for teens and young adults. Participants receive one age-appropriate
    Message per day with recommendations about quitting.
    To sign up, text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709

Resources for Providers/Partners

  • Great American Smokeout – Communications & Activities Toolkit
  • cover image of "Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence" document Public Health Service Guidelines for Tobacco Cessation
    This Guideline contains strategies and recommendations designed to assist clinicians, tobacco dependence treatment specialists, and health care administrators, insurers, and purchasers in delivering and supporting effective treatments for tobacco use and dependence.
  • Healthcare Providers: Tools and Resources
    Healthcare providers can play a key role in fighting tobacco use, the number one cause of preventable death and disease in the United States. This site offers tools and   smoking cessation resources from the Tips From Former Smokers® campaign, to ensure patients have the right resources to begin their quit journey. On this website, healthcare providers can find clinical tools, patient centered materials, resources by health specialty, and much more.
  • cover image of "ACES Toolkit" document Adolescent Cessation in Every Schools (ACES) Toolkit
    Free, online training and resources for professionals who work with adolescents, especially in a school-based setting. The toolkit provides information on helping adolescents quit tobacco through behavioral interventions.

Tobacco Use Prevention and Control in Missouri

Missouri’s comprehensive tobacco control initiatives include efforts to create community smoke free air laws, youth tobacco use prevention, tobacco cessation assistance, and education and awareness through media.