Tips for Locating an Immunization Record

Finding old immunization records can be difficult.

  • Check with your health care provider.
  • Contact previous health care providers. Don't forget visits to your local public health agency or other clinic.
  • Look through old papers--sometimes immunization records are tucked away in a baby book, included on school or camp medical history forms or in safes.
  • Check with any schools or child care programs your child has attended to see if they have retained a record of immunizations required for school entrance.
  • Ask your high school, post-secondary school, college health service, or previous employers (including the military) for dates of any immunizations, if applicable.
  • Millions of immunization records are stored in ShowMeVax, a web based electronic database. Those wishing to request immunization records from the Bureau of Immunization Assessment and Assurance may do so using this form.

Tips for Maintaining and Storing an Immunization Record

It is important to save any information you discover in writing, including the vaccine name (e.g., "MMR"), date given, and provider or clinic name. Utilize the immunization record as a lifelong record of an individual’s immunization record.

  • Remember to bring the immunization record card to all medical appointments.
  • Be sure all immunization providers give you a written record of the vaccine(s) you received.
  • Keep your immunization record in a safe place. You may need it throughout your life.