Vaccine-preventable diseases are at an all time low, but this doesn't mean they have disappeared. Many viruses and bacteria are still circulating. This is why it is important for everyone to receive all the recommended immunizations on time.

Vaccines help your body recognize and fight these germs and protect you each time you come in contact with someone who is sick with any of these diseases.

Reporting Vaccine Reportable Diseases to DHSS

Access Missouri’s detailed guide for reporting vaccine preventable diseases.

Vaccine Information Statements

Obtain Vaccines Information Statements and additional facts.

Vaccine Storage and Handling

Obtain vaccine storage and handling guidelines.

Myths, Misconceptions & Vaccine Safety

Access key information on vaccine safety.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Report a reaction to vaccinations.

Vaccine Administration

Obtain instruction on giving immunizations.

Health Care Workers & Vaccinations

Access recommendations and related information on vaccinations for health care workers.

Travel Vaccine

Learn more about vaccinations necessary for a country you plan to visit.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guide to Contraindications

Access information on contraindications and precautions to commonly used vaccines.

Other Vaccine Information

Access vaccine manufacturer information and translations.