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Information for Long-Term Care Facilities

The COVID-19 response has resulted in many healthcare providers experiencing staffing shortages in their provision of care. As one option to assist with these short-term staffing shortfalls in the long-term care industry, the Missouri Health Care Association, Missouri Hospital Association and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services have developed a mutual aid agreement template. This template may be used by any long-term care facility and a partnering healthcare provider of any type to voluntarily and independently assist the long-term care facility with short-term staffing shortfalls.

The agreeing parties may modify the template as needed. It is not necessary that the agreeing parties notify any entity of their use of the mutual aid agreement template to address staffing shortfalls. However, technical assistance regarding the template is available through Missouri Health Care Association at

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Information for Coroners and Medical Examiners

Unless COVID-19 was clinically suspected, there is no reason to test. In such a scenario, the reason to test a deceased body is to determine cause of death when testing was not done pre-mortem and manage exposed contacts that occurred prior to the death. In order to receive testing approval through the MO State Public Health Laboratory, the coroner or medical examiner would need to follow the same protocol utilized by other healthcare providers in order to receive approval for testing. The clinical information or contact exposure information that makes the person eligible for testing by the MO State Public Health Lab would still apply. Without having this information, the person is not eligible for testing through the Missouri State Public Health Lab.