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PPE Resource Process and Requests

Thank you for your interest in placing an order for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  As you know, the PPE supply chain shortage is nation-wide.  We have very limited quantities and types of PPE items to support healthcare’s needs, however it is only supplementary.  Please continue to place PPE orders through your routine and alternate vendors to assure your facility/organization continues in the supply chain queue.  At this time, we are prioritizing hospitals, EMS and long-term care facilities in that order.  We anticipate continuing to provide some level of assistance to those three types of providers, but limited to no support for additional healthcare providers lower in the prioritization as detailed on page 2 of the DHSS Resource Request Decision Guide.

DHSS is filling PPE resource requests from hospitals and healthcare providers only. Limited supplies will be allocated according to the guidance in the documents linked below. Work with your Healthcare Coalition Coordinators to complete the SNS Ordering Form as described in the DHSS HCC Resource Request Procedure document

Information for Missouri Health Care Providers

Dental Professionals

Home Health


Information for Long-Term Care Facilities

Information for EMS Personnel

Information for Pharmacists

Information for Outpatient Dialysis Facilities

Information for Coroners and Medical Examiners

Unless COVID-19 was clinically suspected, there is no reason to test.  In such a scenario, the reason to test a deceased body is to determine cause of death when testing was not done pre-mortem and manage exposed contacts that occurred prior to the death.  In order to receive testing approval through the MO State Public Health Laboratory, the coroner or medical examiner would need to follow the same protocol utilized by other healthcare providers in order to receive approval for testing.  The clinical information or contact exposure information that makes the person eligible for testing by the MO State Public Health Lab would still apply.  Without having this information, the person is not eligible for testing through the Missouri State Public Health Lab.