Getting Tested

Testing remains a key tool to keeping Missourians safe and open for activity. Testing is not only for those who are symptomatic, but important for periodic surveillance especially when interacting with vulnerable populations and crowds. Many camps, events, and travel now require evidence of a test result before participation.

A simple test can provide peace of mind. Missouri provides several options for obtaining a free COVID-19 test without any symptom criteria. The opportunities for testing include:

BinaxNOW Testing (Resources for providers and partner agencies)

(Jan. 5, 2022) Missouri has received no new supply from Abbott in the last two weeks and was not notified of a pause from the manufacturer until DHSS inquired this week. All states are experiencing a similar situation, and availability at the state level has been decreasing since the White House announced a federal expansion of at-home testing for Americans. Since then, President Biden announced that hundreds of millions of at-home tests will be made available to Americans in January. With the increase in cases due to high Omicron transmissibility, this issue is being closely monitored as supply and demand changes daily. Missouri is placing a pause on fulfilling re-orders. This pause is due only to the current constrained supply, and we will resume the purchase of antigen tests, once they become available. Our team has identified several options that we are exploring and pursuing now to meet the current testing needs of our existing users as well as the long-term needs.

Effective immediately:

  • DHSS will not accept new applications from existing test user types. For example, if a facility or organization has not previously received COVID antigen tests – BinaxNOW – through the state warehouse, that facility or organization will not be approved as a new applicant until further notified. We will maintain any new applications received for future potential approval.
  • Fulfillment of reorders are temporarily being paused until there is clear information regarding the availability of COVID antigen test shipments. DHSS does not know how long this pause may be necessary, but will communicate promptly when the pause is rescinded. This pause was effective with reorders placed 1/3/2022 and subsequently.
  • During this pause in fulfilment of re-orders, DHSS will prioritize fulfillment of re-orders for any outbreaks. If your facility or organization has a COVID outbreak, please place your reorder and email to indicate the outbreak status. To assure prompt processing, please indicate in the e-mail subject line: ‘Outbreak Testing: insert the name of your facility/organization’.

Sewershed Surveillance Project